November 2020 Gathering: Embracing Oneness through the Mystical Union with Your Divine Self, with Anümani Santos, Modern Day Shaman

ACT’s November 8 program featured Anümani Santos, and it was truly amazing — both informative and experiential. One that we will long remember. ACT has been working hard to bring top notch programs, especially during the challenging times of 2020.

Anümani’s presentation entitled, “Embracing Oneness through the Mystical Union with your Divine Self” was a transformative and soul changing talk.  Her use of ancient light language guided us to transcend our conscious mind and connect to a state of higher vibration.

She reminded us of the power available when we live our lives from the inside out. She reviewed the tools we could utilize to tap into these higher consciousness levels which include prayer, music, and the awareness of a higher vibrational level of living – a level she calls the “Oversoul”. Her soft but profound words, her moving meditation and her use the Sacred Light Language was a truly mystical experience.

With deep gratitude we thank you, Anümani!

(The recording of her presentation will be available to ACT members through a link sent to members by email – one of our new benefits for members.)

Anümani sent us the Mantra she used during her presentation:

MANTRA to call forward your I AM PRESENCE and DIVINE SELF:

I invoke the presence of my Divine Presence/Divine Self. 

In doing so, I unify with the Light of my I AM presence. 

I AM the Light, the Light I AM. 

Nothing else exists in me but the Light I AM, the Light of my Divinity, the Light of Creation in its purest form I AM. 


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Anümani Santos, Modern Day Shaman, is an artist, award-winning author, channel, coach, and spiritual teacher who enriches audiences with her powerful channeling and transformational presence, opening hearts and inspiring minds to new possibilities and a deeper knowing of who they really are.

She is a contributing author to the anthology Pebbles in the Pond, Wave 4, and international bestselling author of Unmasking Your Soul: A Transformational Journey of Truth, Light, and Healing (Book 1). She is the forthcoming author of Unmasking Your Soul: Activating the Sacred Mysteries of the Divine Heart (Book 2). Visit her website at: