Elohi Magdalena Rosa – “Entering the Throne Room of Your Sacred Heart”

Sunday, February 11, 2024

What a profound and special program! Elohi Magdelena Rosa led us in a deep meditation into the most private and sacred throne room of our hearts. If you have ever had a moment when you felt the Divine, when you felt completely loved, completely known for the beautiful person that you are, that would be a taste of what we experienced.

The meditation helped us remember the part of us that is Source. That we are an aspect of the great I AM. Elohi also guided us to the possibility of connecting to higher dimensions and higher realms for messages and gifts that were specific to each of us individually. It was an emotional day for many of us!

Laura Kucine and Hardnett7 led the music and lifted the vibrational energy with a collection of love songs. Below is a brief video clip where you can see how our hearts opened with the closing song, “What a Wonderful World.”

If you are an ACT member and were unable to attend, I encourage you to watch or listen to the recording. Indeed, you will be blessed.

Click on this video image to enjoy a clip of our closing song!

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