October Gathering: “Living In Fifth Dimensional Possibility” with Rebecca Whitecotton

Our 2021/2022 Program Year continues with our theme for the year: Lifting Each Other Higher.

On October 10, 2:00 pm EDT at UBB and on Zoom, let’s learn how to lift up to the 5th Dimension with Rebecca Whitecotton!

Rebecca will explore with us the possibilities of fifth dimensional consciousness, where alternate versions of you, unconditional love, and freedom from judgement all intertwine to shape a new way of looking at physical life in the third dimension. By healing regrets about the road not taken, we transform how we look at life’s choices and lift each other higher as we engage in community from a place of Dimensional Wholeness.

Together we will:

  • Explore fifth dimensional consciousness and theories of the multiverse;
  • Experience a meditation to connect with an alternate version of yourself in a parallel timeline;
  • Discuss how an understanding of alternate realities brings a deeper understanding to the concepts of unconditional love and judgement;
  • Consider how this individual shift in worldview shapes our collective consciousness and the collective timeline as we lift each other higher.

Participants will leave with an experience of multidimensional consciousness that can bring a greater sense of unconditional love and non-judgement to interactions with themselves and others.

Presenter: Rebecca Whitecotton is a modern-day philosopher—a wanna-be Socrates sitting on the digital steps of the internet Parthenon, throwing out ideas about the nature of reality. The author of Pull Your Self Together: A True Story of Alternate Realities, Spiritual Healing, and Dimensional Wholeness, Rebecca offers workshops and retreats about multidimensional thinking and connecting with alternate versions of yourself in the multiverse. Rebecca is also the award-winning children’s book author of Child of Mine, Know This, hailed by Neale Donald Walsch as “the single most imaginative children’s book to come along in ages.”

Learn more at rebeccawhitecotton.com.

The ACT Vision

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