OUR ACT PROGRAM YEAR CONTINUES SUNDAY, OCTOBER 8 AT 2:00 PM with The 9 Temples of the Heart!

Join us for another fabulous ACT program for October as the always popular Paul Sivert returns!

The 9 Temples of the Heart

Paul Sivert will present a workshop for participants to engage the 9 Temples of their Heart.  The Qero Cosmology teaches us that the Temples are a wheel of spiritual development just waiting for us to tap and process into manifestation of love and beauty.  Participants will have the experience to travel through their temples for healing, guidance and transformation. 

Paul M. Sivert, L.C.P.C. is the Founder and Owner of Shamanic Healing Institute.  He is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (L.C.P.C.) and Cross-Cultural Shamanic Practitioner.  Paul’s expertise is in Divination, Soul Retrieval and Indigenous Healing Traditions including the Andean Cosmology.  Paul has been initiated by the most renowned medicine people to practice the energy medicine of South America.  Paul’s healing ceremonies have proven to be effective, efficient and filled with the energy of munay (love and beauty). Paul holds a Masters Degree in Psychology, and a degree in Ministry of Spiritual Counseling, as well as certificates to practice Integrated Awareness and Past Life Regression.  Paul has provided clinical counseling for 30+ years and he has provided healing ceremonies and energy medicine educational programs for 20+ years.

The ACT Vision

A Community of Transformation (ACT) is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to transformation in individuals, communities and the earth. We strive to integrate mind, body and spirit to achieve peace, harmony and wisdom.

Our Vision – An inspirational, heart-centered community that nurtures profound transformation.