ACT Connect – Meet Our Talented Business Members

Sunday, April 14, 2024, we had an extra special program where our business members each shared their spiritual gifts and talents with the audience. Each speaker had eight minutes to introduce themselves and to offer an experience to the audience so that we could better understand their work. They shared with us a beautiful mix of spiritual energy work and healing information.

ACT Connect Program

Highlights from the program:

  • Lilia Shoshanna Rae led a Guided Meditation enabling us to be present and connected.
  • Cheryl Pace taught a simple technique to connect to our intuition and Connect with Spirit.
  • Kimberly Madden shared from an Astrology perspective, the importance of the recent April 8th solar eclipse and how to use the astrological energy of the times to “Think Big”, follow our inspirations, be bold, and daring.
  • Debbie Ulrich provided a Kinesiology Demonstration that showed the power of kinesiology to heal an emotional issue.
  • Richard Bredeson led us in a special Qigong Practice to wash our bone marrow.
  • Rosemary Robertson Bredeson shared a Channeling message from spirit to choose who we are in the world based on who do I want to be? and embracing the totality of who I am.
  • Mia Proctor deepened our peace by playing a beautiful Reiki-infused Singing Bowls Meditation.
  • Alison Cullinane shared how we can partner with nature to create what we want with our gardens along with what the garden feels that it needs. We can learn more with her Introduction to Cocreative Gardening through Guided Meditation.
  • Stephany Porter shared how she uses a Holographic Healthcare model when working with people to heal their mind, body, and spirit. She taps into the wisdom of The Intelligent Body to identify the healing messages held within.
  • Elohi Magdalena Rosa led us in a deep and powerful meditation to Connect to Our Divinity.

    Our ACT Business Members and Presenters

Before and after the speakers, Abbie Palmer serenaded us with beautiful harp music. Her lovely melodies felt like a hug from the angels – warm, gentle, nurturing, and soothing.

70 Gift Bags were available for guests

As a special bonus, each attendee received a gift bag decorated and filled with items from both the speakers and the ACT organization. There were coupons for discounts, reference materials, amethyst crystals, wood for smudging, and other goodies!

If you missed the program and you are an ACT member, a replay is available. I encourage you to give it a listen. The program was rich with messages for the times, positive energy, and healing opportunities.

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