October 2022 Gathering and Talk: “Know Yourself to BE Yourself”

For our October Gathering we continued with our theme for the program year:

“Love Builds Bridges: Finding, Knowing, Being Your Deepest Self”

The speaker, Rosemary Robertson Bredeson, The Scientific Mystic, addresses our theme with: “Know Yourself to BE Yourself”

Being authentic in today’s world depends on how deeply and truly we understand our thoughts, beliefs, and motivations.  Whether in personal or business relationships, knowing yourself is the best way to create successful and satisfying relationships and a fulfilling life of purpose.

We looked at how Human Design and other systems of self-knowledge can help you to better understand who you are BEing.

Through Rosemary’s teaching you:

  • Learn HOW to learn who you are/your purpose
  • Understand ‘conditioning’ and how you can overcome being what someone else or society wants you to be
  • Experience how it feels to be in your own energy and ONLY your energy
  • Gain tools to explore to learn more about being your authentic self, along with permission to move beyond the influence of others to be the ‘not-self’

The recording of Rosemary’s talk is now online and available to members. If you want to receive the talk you may join or renew your membership HERE