The New Ascension Process of 2020 and Beyond, Moving from Fear and Powerlessness, To Love and Empowerment

Melissa Feick’s Presentation for the ACT meeting, April 9, 2020

This has been the year of firsts, especially with Covid19 and sheltering in place directives.  ACT responded by regrouping and completely rethinking how we would offer our Programs and develop an online zoom strategy that would keep our programing coming to our members and friends of ACT.  Kudo’s to those in ACT that were able to make this possible.  We kicked off our virtual program with Melissa Feick’s insightful program, and as is often the case, it fell together perfectly!  Melissa delivered a program, albeit virtual, that knocked it out of the ball park!

The material she presented was so meaningful and rich that Vicki Fearey and I shared several phone calls and email exchanges in an effort to capture just some of the highlights that Melissa shared with us on April 9th Zoom call.  She introduced us to the dawn of this new age and gave us a perspective into what is happening in our world now and how to prepare ourselves for the monumental transitions of this sacred time.

“The past ten years,” Melissa stated, “has been child’s play compared to the accelerated frequencies we will be experiencing now and going forward. “ While this process is not tethered to government or even the virus; we have been shaken to our core.

The pandemic has certainly not only shaken us, but the entire world to its core. A global pandemic is a big player in this time of Ascension and rising frequencies, and we have been called to be leaders and help ourselves and others ascend into higher consciousness through power and love.  This is a galactic situation requiring that we move from the old concepts of ego, control and power.  This is love through power and it will strengthen us in ways we don’t even know yet.  This is powerful on an individual level but is exceptionally powerful in groups.

Melissa’s meditation was quite deep and moving allowing us to focus on each chakra and align them while encouraging us to expand and raise our frequency as we worked on our ascension and became one with the divine. The meditation invited us to be open to the loving frequencies that would enable us to jump time lines to activate a whole new way of living in this 3D and 5D world through awareness and love.

Melissa has posted her Divine Love Meditation on her website. She has generously made this available to all of us.  For your free meditation, go to

By Helen Dierker and Vicki Fearey
ACT Communications Team