A Tribe of Lightworkers – Together We Rise!

If you are reading this, you are a Lightworker and your light has never been needed more than it is at this time!   2020 we were told would bring big changes and challenges but who could have imagined what we are going through now?  It is important to remember that now is the time we have come for!

As Lightworkers we realize how important increasing and expanding our consciousness and awareness is and that it is the reason why we are here.  We know that we are more than our jobs or the tasks we perform and our ultimate aspiration is to become the best we are meant to be.

We are also very interested in self growth so we read, study and place a high priority on bettering ourselves so ultimately, we can be of service in love to those we come in contact with.   We know we all have somethings valuable to share and we know it is all an expression of Love.

Lightworkers march to a different drum and ultimately feel “different”.  Even though our family, friends and acquaintances like/love us, we know they don’t get us completely.   Also, many Lightworkers have experienced trauma and great difficulties that instead of destroying them has stretched them to a place of greater Understanding.  They see life, people, experiences and the world from a higher more spiritual point of view, they have developed expanded Awareness that they long to develop and share.

Lightworkers long for a Tribe where they can feel accepted, respected, understood and purposeful.  A place and people you can learn with and share your talents and insights.  You have found your Tribe with us!

ACT wants you to know that we remain active during these isolating times to provide those opportunities to learn, grow and share.  You will be receiving weekly emails from “A Community of Transformation” updating our Programs, study groups, Reiki, etc. as we shelter in place.   Our work continues and is more important than ever, so please look for emails from ccc@actannapolis.org and join us when you can with our online programs.

There is a dark cloud over us now, but we know that the sun is still shining above those clouds.  We know that the Light is always there and the darkness is often where the most important lessons are learned.  It is a time to go within and find your light and share it.  The clouds will pass and we will be transformed.  It will be challenging but if we go through this Consciously, we will grow!

We invite you to join our Tribe of Lightworkers.  Anyone joining or joined now will be included in the upcoming years membership.  Thank you all so much for your support.  Our programs will continue virtually until we safely can meet again.  You can check us out  at https://actannapolis.org/membership-join-or-renew-today/.   However, if you don’t feel this is the right time for you to join, please know you are Always Welcome! We love and appreciate you no matter how you chose to show up!

Remember “we love each other into wholeness” and Together We Rise!

With Love and Light,

Helen Dierker,
Membership Chair