Rev. Dr. David Ault launched ACT’s program year 2020/2021 by presenting on “Exploring Oneness: We Live In A Perfect Patterning”

Rev. Dr. David Ault, ACT’s presenter for the September 2020 gathering, launched our program year theme, Embracing Oneness, by giving a profound and relevant presentation.  The following is a recap of the presentation, “Exploring Oneness: We Live In A Perfect Patterning,” by one of our Co-Creation Council members, Francie Boyce:

Rev. Dr. Ault started with the importance of letting go of our identity story.  This allows us to experience life with a “beginners mind” through innocent, curious eyes we observe in a small child.

He suggested that each of us can be an agent of transformation. Since transformation doesn’t allow for reversal, once we transform we are not the same person.

How to deal with worry was a central topic for the evening.  Ault reminded us that everything that comes to us is an opportunity for transformation.  What if we viewed worry as a SIGNAL, rather than a trigger?

He gave us a process to use once we recognize a worry signal:

Pause, then bring to mind when we had what we are worrying about losing.  Explore the polarity of the worry. Feel the vibration of its solution.  This can open us up to the answer of the question, “what is mine to do?”  Listen to your divine messenger.  Don’t underestimate the impact of incremental transformations.  We work on one worry at a time.  When one transforms, we all transform to some degree.  We can thank the worry signal for giving us this opportunity to advocate for love.  Know the solution already exists.

Copies of his handouts can be found below:

Link for The Worry Workshop

Link for The Alchemy of Worry

Here is a short video clip of his presentation

We were so touched by David’s presentation and the work of David’s Foundation, Kaleidoscope Child Foundation, that we want our ACT Community to know that they can help the Foundation meet its fundraising goal of $50K by making a donation by September 30 so that they can receive matching grants for those donations. They are a mere $4K away from their goal for their matching grants. The following link offers anyone a chance to have their donation designated towards this initiative.

And here is the link to the Kaleidoscope website for more information about the Foundation. 

The Co-Creation Council of ACT feels it is so important to support organizations that provide such needed resources to communities around the world.