Our May 2023 Gathering featured Scott Lepthien as our speaker and Laura Kucine as our musician

Our May speaker was Scott Lepthien, our CCC member and treasurer! His talk: “A Perspective on the Art and Science behind Transformation,” highlighted:

  • How science supports and brings new possibilities to transformation
  • How different ideas support and maybe change the path to transformation.

We gained:

  • Understanding how science supports our transformation
  • Knowing the elements for transformation and how to use them
  • Identifying missing pieces from the transformation process
  • Realizing there is no one path to transformation and in fact it requires many paths to transform.

Scott’s BIO in his words:

As a “normal” human I was asleep for many years. I had told myself as a teenager I would not let this happen.  But with family, work and marriage and all my societal programming,  that is where I ended up.  Numbing myself with whatever was available.  It took a painful personal life event to wake me up. This is often what wakes a lot of people up.

This is where I started my work over 13 years ago.  Finding ways that make sense to me to be able to transform my thinking and how I show up in this world.  I continue to explore this process with vigor.

I have struggled with faith that did not have substance behind it. I needed to understand both the spiritual side of change and the science that supported it.  This has brought me to a path of continual learning.

I have trained under one of the three original Certified teachers of the Four Agreements, Gary Van Warmerdam. I am a certified Personal Mastery Coach trained by Jeromy Bellotti and Krystal Romero. I have done extensive reading and study of subjects pertaining to transformation and continue to do so.

A local Annapolis musician, Laura Kucine, added her beautiful voice and Spanish songs to our transporting and transforming experience.

Born and raised in Chile Laura learned to sing and play guitar by ear by listening to Chilean and American folk music on the radio or tapes. She grew up singing harmonies in church and developed a love affair with any kind of melody that involve group harmonies. She considers herself a folk / ballad interpreter and thrives on music and lyrics that have an historical meaning and touch your heart and soul. Lately she has been digging into Brazilian /bossa nova style…stay tuned!!


Laura was accompanied on 7-string guitar by our own Hardnett 7!