‘HeartSpeak’…An Experience of Harmony

There was a time, not so long ago, when our clan or tribe would come together in common unity (community) to connect and sing and dance. Perhaps around a campfire, a temple, or other sacred setting we would gather to listen, …to listen to the bards and storytellers as they reminded us of what was truly important. This past weekend ACT sponsored one such event at Unity by the Bay, featuring Dale Allen Hoffman and Bob Sima in an Exploration of Mysticism.

Beyond being uplifted and entertained, we were reminded of deep spiritual teachings; “…to come prayerfully before Spirit empty, willing to be filled…”, “…to find eternity in the space between now……and now…”, “…to ask ourselves mindfully, ‘am I breathing, or am I being breathed?’…”. We explored the ancient modality of ‘toning’ and broadened our awareness and sensitivity to the vibrations in our lives. This included several delightful songs by Bob Sima which reaffirmed, “…we are the one…” and “…something’s gotta burn, gotta burn inside—if you’re gonna shine, shine, shine…”.

Through a celebration of breath, we came to a realization of the sacred cycles through which we live our lives, the cycles of the seasons we perceive, and the simplicity of our Oneness. As David Allen Hoffman explained, “To speak your prayers through your heart, in the words of the Lakota, is to ‘Let the wind (Spirit) blow through you’”. “Consciousness of breath”, he continued, “in many past teachings and languages, IS the key to present moment living.” It’s not so much about what we say or pray; it’s about the vibration or intent behind the words. By accepting the natural joy of being creative, many who participated left a little more light-hearted, with a little more spring (seasonal cycles…) in their step.

When you trust in yourself, and expect the universe (Spirit) to support your dream….it will!