Dancing With the Winds of Change

One by one we settled into our seats, awestruck by the light streaming in through the dozens of windows at Unity by The Bay.  We watched the rustling leaves clinging to their branches before the first Autumn chill, and realized they would soon be surrendering to the inevitable seasons of life.  We cleared our busy minds as visiting musician Megon McDonough enchanted us; “Thank you for this day, God, and my place in it…”

We then collectively fastened our virtual seatbelts for what was soon to be an adventure and inner exploration with our tour-guide, professional life coach Andria Corso.  She began gently enough; “We each have divine flow within us, how can we re-connect with this inner wisdom?  …Why do we struggle?!?”  We looked at various ways which we tend to live in response to fear, and considered how many of those fears are ‘false’, or stories we had made up.  We recognized how often the story in our head is much worse than an actual threat (except to our ego…), and asked ourselves “How would I feel if my fear came true?  …What choice would I then make?”  Andria then challenged us to ponder how often we approach life from our heart, our head, or a balance of both.  She encouraged us to notice a sense of in-authentic participation and stop it whenever possible; instead, she suggested we “…Align with your unique expression of life and allow that intuitive voice to lead your decisions.  Listen to the whispers and to the resistance.”   We examined how our holding onto outdated belief structures is as silly as a tree holding on to last season’s leaves, and how our intent to control is often an indicator of our ego’s voice.  “As a witness,” Andria assured us, “you must trust that the dots will eventually connect to create a beautiful mosaic.  Every day is a choice!”

ACT’s intent to support profound transformation within our community was made manifest that afternoon.  Like leaves in an October gust, the impact of Andria’s teachings will drift across our consciousness for quite some time.  We invite you to share these blogged stories with your friends, bring them with you to our next monthly educational and inspirational event, and have a great day.