A Springtime Celebration of the Cycles of Life–A review of our experience with Dr. Christine Page, April 16, 2016

Saturday’s incredible weather set the stage for a delightful and empowering “Visioning Seminar” by Dr. Christine Page, punctuated by an impromptu picnic on the south patio of Unity by the Bay’s sanctuary.  If you’ll pardon the pun, we had plenty to ‘chew on’…

Dr. Page had invited us to explore the distinction between ‘mystery’ and ‘illusion’, contending that mystery is heart-centered, while illusion is mental.  Through music, guided meditations, and symbolic exercises we grew to understand her teachings; Mystery as a transformative energy cannot be controlled by our minds, plans or fears, but rather: Mystery can be embraced as an aspect of sacred ancestral cycles.  “What appears to be empty is actually full of potential”, she posited, going on to explain how “…sometimes, we give ourselves experiences in the darkness in order to see our own Light”.

She encouraged us to embrace grief as a spiritual gift, and to dance through the ‘processes of letting go’ with grace and awareness. “Pain is inevitable, suffering is not…” promised Dr. Page as we examined the stories, excuses, questions, and proclamations of our lives.  We were gently challenged to ask ourselves; “How am I moving through my world?, What am I receptive to?, What is the most Loving (or wisest) choice I can make?”  We each took creative steps forward, drawing sacred spheres around our personal visions, hopes, and dreams for a joyous future.

With grateful hearts we blessed Christine Page MD on her homeward journey, as we each embraced the treasured gems of friendship and wisdom we received this weekend.

Jim Haller