Neale Donald Walsch Recording link

Our November 2023 Gathering was a special one, featuring an exclusive talk by Neale Donald Walsch, taylored for our Community.

The YouTube link below is to the full recording of A Community of Transformation Hosting a Livestream with NEALE DONALD WALSCH Author of Conversations with God series.

Few people know or agree on what the biggest problem in the world today is. Neale Donald Walsch talks about the way out of the dilemma in which we find ourselves. He calls this, The God Dilemma, which asks the question: If there really is a Higher Power, why is the world such a mess? And why has it been a total mess for thousands of years? Walsch answers that question, and then speaks about The God Solution, the title of his most recent book, which offers something theologically revolutionary: A Brand-New Definition of God, and with it, a way out of our never-ending political, economic, social, and spiritual turmoil.

Here’s the link to the full recording:

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