Sponsorship Information


  1. Study Groups: informal, regular attendance not necessary, emphasis on sharing rather than teaching
  2. Course:  more formal, regular attendance recommended, plan of study provided
  3. Workshop:  Like a Study Group or Course, but done in consolidated time. Usually done to generate more income for the teacher/facilitator

Advantages to ACT

  1. Way to reach the community
  2. Personal growth opportunity for members
  3. Way to generate revenue
  4. Acting out our mission!!!
  5. Attract new members

Advantages to the instructor/facilitator:

  1. ACT will send out announcement to all on the mailing list.
  2. Listed on the web site.
  3. Included on the ACT calendar
  4. Mentioned in the newsletter.
  5. ACT could act as the administrator; assisting in finding a facility, publicity, etc.

How to submit a proposal and getting approval:

  1. The instructor/facilitator contacts any Co- Creation Council (CCC) member.
  2. The instructor/facilitator fills out a form provided by ACT (see form below).
  3. The CCC contact person brings the proposal to the attention of all CCC members, during a meeting or via e-mail.
  4. A thumbs up from all CCC members is required.
  5. Any reservation concerning the application will be discussed.
  6. If proposal is denied an explanation is given with the opportunity to resubmit the proposal.

Who can ask ACT to sponsor their Study Group, Course, or Workshop?

  • ACT members only

Options on how the fee works:

  1. Study Group:
    • A once a year charge, allowing the persons to run Study Group more than once
    • A charge each time the Study Group cycle is run
    • 10% of the Study Group fee goes to ACT
  2. Course
    • A once a year charge, allowing the person to run their course more than once.
    • A charge each time the course is run
    • 10% of the course fee goes to ACT
  3. Workshop:
    • ACT may act as the Administrator charging for each offering.
    • Administrator offerings: Publicity – newsletter, web, e-mail, distributing literature, creating literature;
      Assisting in getting facility
    • A separate schedule needs to be determined for the fee.
    • 10% or more of workshop fee goes to ACT
  4. Any study group, course, or workshop that is offered for free:
    • no charge
    • if a love offering is encouraged, 5% given to ACT

Please complete the following form and submit your application. It will be reviewed and considered promptly by the CCC:

Sponsorship Proposal Application

Choose one proposal type:*
Title of Study Group, Course or Workshop:*
Name of Instructor/Leader:
Contact Phone Number:
Contact E-mail:*
Expected Outcome:*
Fee to be Charged:
Dates Offered:
Target Audience: