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Dr. Angela Holocker presents: “Healing Your Shadow Self and Stepping into your True Power”

March 10 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Dr. Angela Holocker is a full-time educational professional who has her background in science. She is a graduate of Washington College with her BS in Biology and has her MS in Education with a concentration in Earth/Space Science from Johns Hopkins University and her doctorate from University of Wilmington in Education with a concentration in Leadership and Innovation.

Angela has used this background to research and study the metaphysical as well as energy healing. During her childhood, she spent countless weekends visiting her grandparents’ home, which was notably haunted. Angela was able to detect and see ghosts at an early age. Growing up with spirits was a natural occurrence in her life. As she grew older the spirits took a back seat to life itself.

After her traumatic car accident at the age of 22, which left her a quadriplegic, Angela started experiencing visions which quickly reminded her that there was more out there than what can be seen with the eyes. Through a series of miracles, trials and tribulations, Angela found herself in pursuit for spiritual wholeness. The journey has led Angela full circle to communicating with spirits once again. She is the founder of the Eastern Shore Paranormal Society and conducts classes on Psychic Development as well as Shamanic Reiki. Today, Angela lives on Maryland’s Eastern Shore with her family.

Angela will be joined by Sherri Robbins, Soulful
performing songstress, educator, artist, and the Funky
Mimi of the Fantastic Four!


Sherri is an award winning local singer-songwriter/ music
healer who has just released new cd “Wishing Tree”. She is the
creator of S*H*E Rocks (self*health*empowerment), a musical
program to empower and inspire women and girls in crisis.



March 10
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Event Categories:


Gloria Hesseloff


Unity by the Bay
4 Pointless Forest Trail
Annapolis, MD 21409 United States
+ Google Map