A Community of Transformation (ACT) Presents The Sacred Marriage: Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World

R&RHeadOur October 12 gathering comes just after the Autumnal Equinox, a time of balance between night and day, dark and light.

Join Rosemary and Richard Bredeson as they explore the balance between the Feminine and the Masculine.

In this event Reverends Richard and Rosemary Bredeson present strategies for finding peace within when the outside world is chaotic. Through getting in touch with your inner masculine and feminine parts you will learn to bring both into balance while honoring each.

Peace in the outer world can only be achieved by individuals finding a balanced place of peace within.  Through the techniques you will learn, you will have a way to relax while being productive, to receive while giving and to reflect while acting.

This presentation includes experiential visualizations and time for self-exploration as well as ritual for the inner Sacred Marriage.

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The ACT Vision

A Community of Transformation (ACT) is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to transformation in individuals, communities and the earth. We strive to integrate mind, body and spirit to achieve peace, harmony and wisdom.

Our Vision – An inspirational, heart-centered community that nurtures profound transformation.